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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why I dont blog often

So often in the night I wanna blog, write about all the things i did since my last post, write about my views, write about how m heart grieves for the people who lost their lives and their loved ones alike in mumbai, how sad that i will be leaving delhi/gurgaon and Tekriti very soon, how dismayed I am coz i am not able to go to Jaipur, how happy I was to be able to go to a disc, how much fun it was to be able to party with friends all night and into early morn...a host of emotions and experiences, but alas at night when i come to my bed and fire up my laptop, there are thousands of other things at hand and when it is finally time I finish my stuff its already too late to write anything legible.
Anyways, so last weekend was great after one very hectic week. So much of partying that I feel I have one less thing on my to-do-before-I-die list. Anyways met couple of nice people like Shoikata Das from Pulsar Knowledge Centre. Nice chap and nice looks. The vanilla flavoured cigar...well I would have perferred a non-flavoured one hehe!! And boy is Le Meridian outta this world or what....one really has to visit the loos...a plasma TV...designer fittings...neon lights...damn good furniture. Coffee at 0445 hrs..u gotta love it.
Anyhow so I am moving along at a brisk pace on my ZEN when suddenly i feel my vehicle tending toward the right side of it own and then I figure out its a bloody puncture. Thankfully I was 100m from a petrol pump and was again underway in less than 10 minutes. I had hardly moved another Kilometre when i noticed the samething again, and this time it was the rear tire. Anyways i had to drive almost 5 KM before I could halt at a proper place. So 2 punctures in a day...not bad eh!
Some how these days i have been bitten by the entrepreneural bug..I keep thinking and searching about it...somehow I wished someone could guide me...well dont we all wish!! Actually working in a startup one gets it...may be its infectious! Well I really dont wanna lose Tekriti...wished I could do some productive work for it frmo Stanford...may be something like business development...but lets see...bhagwan ne chaha to kuch hoga!! Alrite so gotta make a move now..catchya all later...peace out

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