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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Justice for Priyadarshini

Justice 4 Priyadarshini

Are we still living in the medieval times. Because that is what it seems to me. How can a person, who is known to have committed a crime as heinous as rape and murder get away scotfree. Even the Hon'ble Judge in this case commented - "Though I know that he is the man who committed the crime, I acquit him, giving him benefit of doubt". I guess this must be the only case in history where the judge has made such a statement. Really whenever I think about the whole incident, I feel shaken, what a country we live in. We had died a thousands deaths since independence, Gandhi ji's India has been raped and murdered a thousands times over. Shame India Shame. Na samjho ge to mitt jaoge - E- Hindustan waalon, Daastan tak na rahegi tum haari dastanon mein. God give her soul peace and bring her cruel murder to justice.

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