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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fag End of Summer

So its been sometime before I blogged. Mostly because I have become lethargic - which is a bit of an understatement. Well may be I am being too hard on myself - it becomes a bit tiring working 2 jobs - and getting paid for just one - working almost 15-18 hour days. But hey, I am headed home in just a few days and I am looking forward to that. But its been a hard summer over all. Looking back (mid-way though it may be), if there is one thing that this summer had made me realize is importance of family - and how precious is the feeling of being able to call your life your own.

Also, i now have a dream for myself! Yes, an aim in life if you will! I want to get married at the Stanford University Church. And I am working towards that :-) I guess i realized this only a few weeks into working full time (in case you didnt know - i m at Oracle HQ for the summer) - that i had no one to come home to and I would stay back in the office for insanely long hours. Just like today. This sorta makes me feel bad - I guess the marriage thingie could get rid of that.
This summer I also made many trips to the indian consulate in SFO. I had some passport trouble which i had to sort out. Thankfully, it did get sorted out. But as a side effect, i got to experience that Indians really need a course in "smiling and speaking politely". Thankfully they are efficient - it would have been hell of earth if they were inefficient and impolite. But you have to give it to them for their efficiency. I guess they are also not to be blamed for being impolite, dealing with people like us you really need to be assertive! I must thank the Mr. Bagchi and his staff, Consel at the Indian Consulate General at SFO for being really helpful.

There is just so much i can write about summer, but i think i should head off to home and start work, try to end another ground hog day only to start a new one tomorrow.