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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Cut to 3 days back -

So its just another hot summer morning and I am coming down from South Delhi to Gurgaon to go to office. I was lucky enough to get a ride in a call centre cab, nothing out of the ordinary about the car except after a while of sharp turns at over 40kmph I realized I would be lucky if I reached gurgaon in one piece - the driver was so sleepy I thought he would look in better shape after 6 pegs of vodka. Well anyways i reached gurgaon in a record 25 min from Hauz Khas...tell anyone from Delhi and he will look at you like you were some sort of superman - such times in today's day and age are impossible. Anyways I reached IFFCO Chowk and had to catch another bus for Sukhrali Chowk where Palm Court is located. I got into this DTC bus and immediately took out a Rs. 10 note to get the ticket. The conductor gave me a Rs 4 ticket and I enquired politely - "dont you think it should be the Rs 3 ticket till Sukhrali Chowk". And that was like the last straw - he started to yell at me like I was some kind rapist traveling in the bus - he told me to get out and get into a Rs 3 waala bus - I told him i dont mind Rs 4 tickets I was just enquiring, but he wouldnt hear any of it - he shouted out - 'I am not selling onions and potatoes this is a government bus and u can get ur ass out of here if you want to pay less'. I told him - 'sir I can pay u double the fare why are you getting so upset'. But I couldnt get anything across to him, he was so angry as if I had slapped his wife. But anyways, I made the rest of the journey in pain as I had been humiliated in public by a man who was half as educated as me and half as time for values/manners. When I got down, it hit me all the more. I was very upset. I though its things like this that make u think - to hell with everyone. I told myself that my grandfather surely must have experienced such things, I know for a fact that my father had to experience such things, and now its my turn. I mean where is the progress from one generation to the next. I thought there should be an uplift at each level - but where is it - who went wrong - who didnt do his/her part to the full?? Well I think its better to not look for someone to blame..rather try to be a better human being and not do such things which you wouldnt want people to do to you.