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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Its sometimes amazing how we marvel at our little achievements. Sometimes we tend to pat ourselves too much or too early. But we forget that out there in the world people strive harder, under adversities far out-weighing our environment.
I saw a girl studying English on the footpath, trying to make money weighing people, in Kamla Nagar, New Delhi. This was something really inspirational. The girl seemed very smart and I and my friend accompanying gave her some money after getting ourselves weighed. Needless to say I was underweight yet again, but the girl, who read out my weight aloud in english, reminded me of a lot more than that - that even though we may have gone through a lot - our hardship is not more than (may be equal to) what a poor man on the streets has to go through.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lutyens' Delhi

Mostly, if you ask me about driving in Delhi/NCR, my answer would be - an absolute misery. But come what may, the drive down Rajpath, or for that matter anywhere in Central Delhi is really refreshing. The roads are international standard and the traffic is smooth(most of the times!). Plus the scenary/landscape is truly breathtaking with the exquisite designs of India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, North/South Blocks, etc. I just love this part of Delhi. May be one day when I am rich and famous - will try to get a bunglow somewhere close to this place. Well even Vasant Vihar will do but nothing like having a bunglow overlooking India Gate - you know what I am talking about dont u!! Will miss Delhi. Though I hate it for its absolutely pathetic climate, but the buildings are good. And its one of the few planned cities in India. Wish there were more.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back at Allahabad

It feels so nice to be back in allahabad. This time for recruitment at my undergrad school - IIIT Allahabad. They (iiita)have been such wonderful hosts that one feels amased at contrasting this picture with the one we had as a student. Anyways its always good to be back. The convocation was the other important reason that i had to come back to allahabad. It was great - with all its fan-fare! Prof S.K. Tripathi, Provost and Executive VP of SUNY, Buffalo gave the convocation address. On the stage while receiving the degree from the hands of Mr. F. C. Kohli, founder and former chairman of TCS, he joked asking me whether I was the same person whose photo was on the degree! I said 'yes'! Of course it is me! Coz of the recruitment thing, I am not able to spend much time time with family. I also wished I could go to Chitrakoot like mummy, mama ji and maami, anyways duty calls and as i say - 'Any thing for the company'. Missing my delhi friend/s as well! But IIITA is great. Wished we had come here earlier. Anyways, may be next year Tekriti will. Wont be able to show these guys much of Allahabad.

All day people kept bugging me about the T-shirts I had promised them. Gave one to Praneep, he helped a lot. Anyways, should wrap up now. And I must say, Ashish's has not got a pretty steamy new blog at : http://opera.latestinindia.com

See you in Delhi guys!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

what VCs say

what VCs says:
1. hybrid teams of tech and consumer market people

content that is useful to u

3. get that content to the user

4. complete end to end experience on a single machine

5. teams speak about technology but more important is the business model

more to come!


Nice in fact very nice idea - KarPool - in fact if this thing takes off the world will surely be a better place to be! Definitely a thing anyone could have thought off, but no one did until these guys. Currently a talk on personalized mobiles and design of a mobile. Pretty Kewl!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Mobile Monday @ Adobe Noida

Currenlty at Adobe's India Centre - attending a conference on Mobile bleeding edge technologies. Great!! Feels good to be part of this

crowd, met a couple of good people from around the world. Here is the link:

More later.