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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Trade Off

So I had to forgo a chance at visiting the best monuments of the Pink City Jaipur so that I would be able to go to my cousin sister's baby girl's function. Now I really did want to be able to go to Jaipur but then again sister is sister and Sanika is Sanika. At the end of the day I am glad that i did what i did coz i feel family should come first, not in all cases, but still one should think about the family from a various aspects. For one i rarely meet Meenu Didi and Maneesh Jiju and Sanika. So this was an opportunity to be able to visit them. I wanted to get the raport going with the office guys too...but I made it at 0600 hrs to the office just to see those guys off to Jaipur but then I guess not going is not going. Anyways there are trade offs to everything in this world. DSOI was good. Banu gave me a good tour of the whole campus. Meet pretty interesting people whom I usually dont bump into in such functions.

Anyhow had fun. Lets see tomorrow what happens.

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