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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hey folks!! So lotsa things been happening since the last time I wrote a blog. Been working on a few things on my laptop. hen my car came from Kota, dad was kind enough to send it though I am practically a beginner but I think I am getting the hang of it..driving I mean :) Met not so good people - the lady at BA are not too good...very doer..then people I thought were different are no different from the bad ones...anyways who am I to pass judgement but yaar SV this is not what i expected...

Anyways, this is what happened on Monday last, had to get a draft made for over 30K. Had to visit ICICI, SBI, HDFC and finally CitiBank to get my things in order. Travelled more than 70Km within Gurgaon in over 40 degrees without A/C (ok sometimes A/C!) to get it and took me till 4:30 in the evening starting from 10 in the morning. Anyways, I guess that is life, but it hurts that one has to do so much for a simple thing. Am too tired though its only 11:15 but still.

The train to Tibet - seems like a good thing. Bought a book today - freakonomics...dunno when I will get the time to read it - lekin khareed to li hai. This sector - 14 market is not a bad one. Tomorrow am off to mamu's place.

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