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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why you should write? And other short stories!

So I am definitely of the opinion that no matter which field of study you belong to, no matter what you do in your life, no matter how rich or how poor you are - YOU SHOULD WRITE! Why..why...why the hell - your information starved soul asks - why should we all write?? Well, there are many things here - but the one thing that is important is that writing makes you reflect on what you are, what you are doing, where you are heading - sort of an exercise in introspection! In fact i heard somewhere, that someone had advised someone else that while they are in college - they should write everyday!

Now some of the writing can be personal which you dont want everyone reading - so maintain a personal diary of sorts - you dont have to always blog your brains out - just buy a notebook and a pen and keep it by your bedside, or your study so that its out there where you can see it - with easy access - i think i should stop before i sound like a daadi maa - (grand mother!)

Another thing writing helps you do is - being a sort of healing process - it becomes a vent for so many things pent up in that dark closet called "ur brain"!

There are many other reasons like - increasing ur typing speed - helping with spellings/grammar etc...but well you know better! I should end now - i m dragging this blog post like Ekta Kapoor drags her serials!! Oh my God how do people even tolerate this!! BTW - interesting piece of trivia -- OK OK BEFORE THAT - i just received my first edition of the Harvard Business Review - I was gifted a 1 year subscription by Awantika on my birthday - and i am soooo excited about it!! Anyways, I read in HBR that just one show on star TV - KBC increased the market share of star TV from 20% to 80% - not only KBC but all other shows increased their TRPs thru it!!

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