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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back from sabbatical!

Its been such a long time since i got to write another blog post. Its not that i got bored or anything, its just that we (I and Suchit) have been extremely busy working our asses off on facebook and other stuff outside of course work and research. I would probably start showing signs of Carpel Tunnel syndrome if i started to write about all my experiences between Nov 5 2007 and now - its been a helluva ride! And it has really - no kiddin - and it continues to be exciting timed looking forward. Its amazing how much these past few months have taught me about business in general, and internet commerce in particular. And also picked up good skills while i was at it - like photoshop and a few hacks in mysql and and php!

Today i just want to write a few words - wanna head to bed soon - but this being a long weekend, me and suchit had decided to go on a weekend get away. The best i could think of was going kayaking in Monterey and we loved it. Mona and Neha decided to come along and we had the most fun times in recent history - which in internet lingo is =~ 4 weeks! I like kayaking coz its on water - i have never been afraid of water but i never actually got a chance to swim, or ever live close to a water body to which i had access to. Granted that i lived close to the Ganges in Allahabad for 4 year, I never actually took the holy dip until the final days in college - that too was a very memorable experience for me. I think water in general has a good, soothing effect on me! I recommend Monterey Bay Kayaking to everyone! And a nice soothing antakshari session in a hot tub after that :-)

Also, today I got in the mail this years first edition of the Harvard Business Review - my birthday present from Awantika! So, i am going to close on this post right now and try to read a bit of that before sleeping. God, also need to read Obama - Audacity of Hope - and then what about coursework!! Ahhh...another day in the life of a grad student!


Vikram said...
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Vikram said...

Hi Rahul,

Nice to see you active on your blog after a long gap!

BTW, if you love (auto)biographies of politicians (like me!), I suggest you to get your hands on Obama's "Dreams from My Father" and/or Hillary's "Living History."

I haven't read either myself, but have come across hugely favorable reviews. Would love to have the kind of time required to turn those pages one-by-one!

~ Vikram Subramanya

Solitaire said...

Enjoy grad school while it lasts!

rahul thathoo said...

@vikram - yes i have heard a lot about that book - if only i can get past this one..!!

@solitaire - dude u bet!! - but who is you? havent heard/seen you here before! :-)

Anonymous said...

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