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Monday, February 25, 2008

Business Trip and marriage!

I may well be on my first business trip in the US - or for that matter - ever!! The Graphing Social Patterns Conference (West) is going to take place in San Diego, CA on March 3-4. I have an important meeting that i just cannot miss on the 4th back at Gates, so i definitely cannot be there for both the days, but even the first has some really good sessions lined up. And plus, San Diego is less than 2 hours away by air and hopefully i can get a ticket for less! (Fingers crossed) But the problem is that I, being the poor grad student that i am, dont have the money to actually pay the $795 registration fee for the conference. Thats where i am using my network! The conference planner/organizer - Dave McClure (the guy in the picture above) has been my professor in the Stanford Facebook Course - and so i called Dave up late Sat evening but he was putting his kids to bed. So i called up again Sunday morning and he said he might be able to get me some sort of discount. Well, I would definitely need a very heft discount!!! But, whatever, if he does manage to get me a discount, I am buying the ticket!!

I would have loved for Suchit to be on that plane with me if I did in fact go, but unfortunately Suchit is busy with stuff around those dates. So he cannot make it! So while we are talking about Suchit, i think this provides the perfect segway into explain my relationship status on facebook - I am married to this bastard!! Can you believe it?? Well, its just a relationship status and so please do not attribute much more to it - its a few mouse clicks gone wrong and as such i have had enough keechad (mud) slanged on me because of that - but i assure you of my chastity! The reason for that status is that we guys spent so much time together recently because we were/are working our ass of on stuff on facebook and other more mainstream consumer internet ideas that it seemed that we were almost married! And our happiness lied in each other happiness!! So, to sensationalize the matter, this step of changing the relationship status was taken. As such I believe if you are looking to form a team with someone to work on an idea - you should try to envision in your head - how would u feel if you were married to the person in question - coz being the initial members of an idea-execution-team requires a lot of discipline, effort, work, hard work, etc...

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