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Friday, July 27, 2007

rakoFi.com code base acquired

Well its been a long time since I have blogged, but believe me I spend a lot more time on blogger.com than would be visible. I was actually spending time on other aspects of blogger.com that might interest the developers. Anyways, this post is not for that. I just wanted to let you guys know that my side project with friends from undergrad - rakoFi.com - a web based college market place service has sparked some interest among the start up/entrepreneurial/VC circles here in the Bay Area. One of the founders of studyplaces.com expressed interest in buying us (our code base) out. And after some amount of thinking, we thought that our baby would be nurtured and brought up in a better way in a bigger company. Hence, we signed the papers and off went rakoFi.com into the studyplaces.com.

Anyways, its encouraging to see that something we create was actually of value to someone else. That's the good part about being in the bay area. As I have always mentioned, networking is everything. The people responsible for bringing us and studyplaces.com together were Tekriti Ltd. - my previous work place in Gurgaon. Thanks Gaurav!

Anyways, we are onto bigger and hopefully better things. So keep watching this space closely!


Nipun said...

Congrats! To being bigger and better in future. Cheers!

Prashant said...


param said...

Hey Congrats!
Hoping to get more good news from ur side..All the Best!

Nydia said...

Good post.

Vikram Subramanya said...

Wow! That's great to hear. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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