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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

College Crush

So actually it turns out I am really getting addicted to blogging. I mean who the hell blogs on his way to Vegas. Me and a few of my friends are right now on our way to Vegas - we are driving down US-101 currently and vegas is still 8 hours away. And one of the songs that is playing now reminds me always of a really crazy thing I once did back when I was in undergrad at IIIT-Allahabad.

So back in undergrad I had this thing for a girl in college. She was nice, dark brown complexion, great hair, nice height and she had many other talents which were displayed aptly at Effervescence. So now the thing was that I had really little excuse for talking to this person as she was not in my batch. And of course i had to talk to her, or get paly or whatever. I mean I just had to, but I could find no way to do this. After a month or two of trying hard, I was getting no where. And my frustu-pana was soon approaching its limit. So I can up with an ingenious plan! At least I thought it was ingenious.

I knew that person was taking an economics course, like I had the previous year. Also, I had a thing for economics myself. So I thought why not give a talk in an area of economics which is not covered in class!! Crazy! I know - I was kinda getting interested in game theory and its economics implications and so thought why not take this route to learn GT better and at the same time get a good first impression on her. So I walked up to the professor and told her about my plan (sans the girl motivation behind it!). She couldnt have been more delighted at my proactive-ness, in fact she invited me to give an additional lecture to the MBA class. I was like - WOW! She is a real nice person and really liked the fact that I was interested in economics, not something you see in an engineering school often and also the area was something she was only tangentially covering in her class, so a more detailed lecture would really go a long way - she thought.

So i studied my ass off for the next 3 days and at the end of it - i had a ppt ready for both the MBA class and the BTech class. The class for the MBAs was not something to write home about, but the professor was really supportive and backed me up at places I was exactly crystal clear.

In the class for the BTech guys, I was really excited. Things were going according to plan, and of course she was there! Suchit was accompanying me - sitting at the back - a source of constant support. The whole lecture was over before I could say John Nash - but I thought it could have done the trick and so I was happy with myself.

We sort of got talking from that onward, but I guess it never really clicked between the two of us. And anyways, with time I was beginning to live more of GT. At the end, I ended up using the lecture gig as a whole paragraph in my SOP. That person graduated successfully and of course we are still in touch, but I guess this one was not meant to be! But I smile every time I hear that song - which song - I would prefer not to tell so as to avoid making things so obvious!


Mayank said...

it was ingenious indeed. A technically sound way of getting to talk to a gal. :)

MasterYoda said...

just wondering who the gal was! Not able to figure her out :(

veikiin said...

whoopsie dasies...!!!

You gave that lecture to my class....

"dark brown complexion", "nice hair", "talents in effervescence"

I guess I have a faint idea whom are we reffering to here..:p

prashant said...

the way to a girl's heart doesn't go via the mind - u made a terrible mistake and that's why u r probably going to vegas with few of ur friends & not a girl-friend!

selvester said...

The experts have spoken ... well if u have figured it out how about spilling it out as well ... still didn't grt it :P