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Sunday, October 24, 2004

The rhythm

I tell you, I am on a high whenever i hear those thumping songs, complete with glass-breaking drum-beats, earth-shattering vocals and lyrics from outside this world. I am not talking abt Linkin Park(at least not all their songs) or Metallica. I am talking abt songs which belong to a genre which most people can relate to and are not the exclusive to a cetain section of people who think its cool to swivel their necks at 1000 rpm and then give it a fancy name(HEADBANGING).

Music has got to have punch in it, the right instrument at the right place, the right lyrics treated properly with appropriate variations in tone, and some drum-beats which more than juss vibrate the membrane of our ears, they should reverberate our body and make us vibrate in resonance with their frequency. Music should deliver us from our worldly pursuits, make us forget our sorrows(or successes in that) and let us just be. Be who we ought to be.

When I hear such music, I juss want to dive into "it". Dive head-first into some place I dont where, but I juss want to fly into "it", and become "it" and then stay "it". If such music cannot excite you, then God only knows what can. If this is not orgasm, I dont want to find out what is. I juss want to stay here, and get dissolved in this feeling, its not exactly bliss, but whatever it is, there is no good or bad there, its juss there. We can't qualify it.

And when i see people who can dance to such music, their bodies in complete coherence with the music, now that is what should be called bliss. God has blessed me with two left-feet(and I am not saying this with a straight face). In other words, I cant dance, ohh..I am sorry did u say "dance", I meant I cant even put the "d" in dance. But when i see people doing the thing, their bodies so magnificiently twisting, turning and straightening (sorry couldnt think of better words) with the music, I feel as if God himself has come down to earth. Now, i want you to know that I am saying all this without the rapid gush of blood to any part of my body, and I am not drunk. I juss feel I get a high when i see an elegant dance to an elegant music, thats all.

You know, talking abt elegant things, I get a high even when i see Parli coding. I mean its flawless to say the least. Its like music to my ears. Ha!

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