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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Well as an engineering student, one is taught, among other things, ways and means to measure various entities, both natural or man-made. In fact measurements are on of the corner-stones of problem solving, atleast thats what the dean has been telling us in our Computer Controlled Systems course. So, in keeping with these facts, I often questioned myself as to how would one go about measuring (the completeness of) ones life, as in, where one is headed, how happy one is and blah blah blah. Somehow, I want to think that one can do such a measuring by observing some of the very subtle things in life. Now here is where I think you'll start saying..."Oh..what a kid this guy is..", but like it or not, i sometimes measure my life by asking myself if my nails are cut or not, if I am clean-shaven or do I look like a wretched, sick person, have i folded my bed properly, etc etc. I mean I know these are some of the most trivial things, which we wouldnt give a thought to more than once a day, if not more than once a week. But they are important nonetheless. May be because when I was young, I would get into the good books of my dad(as far as cleanliness was concerned),if i kept myself and my bed clean and well made. And it could be that the effect still lingers, but even so, I still feel that the above matrices could well be effective and wholesome when it comes to measuring the order in one's life.

But then is that all to life, just order and arrangement. Nahi yaar, so many other things, like, for example, happiness. So how does one go about measuring the happiness in ones' life. Tricky!!! At this point, I dont think it would be out of place to mention a line out of John Nash's speech at the Nobel Academy, Stockholm when he won the Nobel Prize in Economics, it goes something like this..."..in all my life as a mathematician, I have found that no formula, no equation is more important than the formula of love.....". So there, happiness equals the amount of love in one's life. But its not only love which one receives, its also that which one
gives. Both ways, it only adds to the happiness in life. But then I guess that would scaling down the whole issue, I mean thats not it, I mean one has gotta have a bit of other things in life too to be happy.

One cant survive on full-time love. There are many things(mostly worldy things, that which are material) which one craves for and must attain in order to remain happy. They arise more out of the way we are structured than the pure, chaste need for love, which is universal and without which one cannot go on even for a second. But one thing that I feel is for certain, is that we cannot compare the happiness of 2 people, it just cant be done. And it should not be done. One can only remain as happy as they will, but never as happy as someone else.

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