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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Distracted at Green

Till i give my neurons enough sleep, I wont be able to write as well as I would like to. But during the finals when I was camping in Green Library, here is something I wrote just as an expression of what I was doing! And also as a needy distraction..

"i realized early in life the importance of indexes. and well i guess so did Albert Einstein when he said - i don't need to know everything, i just need to know where to find it when i need it. And i guess Larry and Sergey did too. and as the sweat drops trickle down my torso from my armpit, even as my hands tremble while typing this having drowned myself in coffee for the past few days, i struggle to come up with the appropriate indexes. but that is the single most important thing - indexes - especially in open book exams"

One of the more comic parts of this quarter's finals was that this - there were just too many papers to read and also part of the exam. So in the finals one brings all papers to the exam room since the exams are open notes and in fact open everything. I sorta tried my best to come up with indexes in those papers, and I thing to a large extent succeeded in doing that well, but there were just so many papers, that in the middle of one exam i lost my answer sheet within the stack of papers/notes. For a second, I was like - ok now i know what exactly to write, but where do I write it! I spend 20 sec laughing and trying to find my answer sheet - it was just too funny to be silent about it!

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