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Friday, December 29, 2006


So there was this funny saying back when I was in school and even in college, "Take as many pangas as you want - but never, never ever mess with a teacher!". People knew that their teachers could take their career apart if they wanted. But somehow more than that, people also respected the good teachers, the teachers who knew what they were talking about. Teachers who encouraged questions in class - who made learning an enjoyable experience not some gut-wrenching judging game - those teachers were really respected. I personally owe everything I am, everything I know to all the teachers who taught me from my first school in Jagdishpur(DPS) to my current school - Stanford. Each and everyone of us has teachers to thank. But somehow we often forget them - we never attempt to get back in touch or pay a visit to them or may be even send a postcard - no we dont even do that. But I read about this touching story and I was really left feeling a pang of guilt - Gosh I wish I had done something for my teachers too. http://in.rediff.com/money/2006/nov/10ab.htmIt talks about how a dying former teacher of IIM Calcutta was helped by his students to try to import a drug from the US which could save him. Though he did not survive, the gesture really touched me. We should all go back from where we come. I feel that often, in the daily rush of life, we forget who we are and where we come from. And often many of us dont know where we are going. Taking time off for going back to the good old days really comes off as time well spent - you dont want your whole life to be just your life - you want your life to have made a difference in other people's lives - something like the lives of teachers! I miss my teachers :(

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